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I had not yet shared the logo/blog header design I did for my dear friend, Kristin (aka Krissea). You may remember Kristin from her guest blog post about the Natural Products trade show. She pens a lifestyle blog about all things coastal and sea/ocean-related - Krissea. She has started in earnest the process of branding her blog and making it her cohesive style, and in April that began with me helping her to design her logo, blog header, and favicon.

I don't do a lot of blog branding work, but as it is basically the same as any other brand identity and logo work and I LOVE taking on logo/identity projects! I love the process of creating an identity/logo that conveys the foundations, mission, thoughts, ideals, emotions, personality, etc. of the given entity and then defining the standards of how that identity is put into use (style guides, use guidelines, etc). That whole process culminates in a logo and/or logotype that accurately represents the entity it was created for, and it also results {hopefully} in a logo that is a worthy addition to the design world.

I have not done as much logo/identity work lately, as I have been doing more custom wedding invitation design (which I also love to do) and *remember the day* designs.

You can check out a sampling of my logo designs on my Flickr.

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