more picks for spring 2016

Sometimes, ripped up jeans and holey tees just aren't what I am in the mood for. Did I ever tell you? I can be very fickle when it comes to fashion. I have to try on clothes at home many times, and often wear them around the house to get a feel for them before I can honestly say, "yes! it's a keeper."

I purchase items after a lot of consideration and have gotten much better (quite good) and choosing items I really love and will wear on repeat. It took long enough, but I realized no matter how many clothes I had, I always had "favorite outfits" - those were the outfits I wanted to wear every day. Finally, I made the shift to buying only pieces that are those favorites. It has been working well for me, with the exception of a few items here and there. Funny thing is - those pieces that are the exception ... if I think back to the purchase decision I could have seen it coming.  And then I list them on eBay. My goal is always to move anything I don't wear OUT of my closet, and to recoup some of the expense if I can.

And, as a little spring retail therapy continues, I have found a few more pieces I maybe cannot live without. Unfortunately, I am finding a lot of shoes I cannot live without (I usually get one pair of shoes and wear the shit out of them). I say unfortunately because $$$. But, I also have been finding some really great priced pieces. After avoiding Madewell for a while, I am finding a few things there, like the tanks above. I also found this great (GREAT!) priced pair of jeans after seeing them on a friend of mine. Just so happens that all of these items are also on the less distressed side, with fewer rips and holes.

Madewell Cotton Crewneck Muscle Tee This tank lives up to the reviews you will find on Madewell. It is super cute, but best of all has a great price point.

Rag and Bone Siggi Short I sized down one size for these. They are super stretchy and comfortable, but I will admit the price point leaves a little to be desired.

Sol Sana Cameron Sandal So cute, and a much better price point than similar designer styles I have seen.

Madewell Anthem Scoop Tank A great classic tank, and it comes in come great colors. I am digging the heather silver.

Vigoss Skinny Jeans I usually go for super-skinny and these have a slightly looser fit than my typical pick. But I love the length, and it makes the slightly bigger leg opening really work for me.

Vince Blair 5 Slip On Sneaker Investment piece alert! Okay, these are not affordable. That I admit. However, they are beautiful and well made. The similar Vans have a friendlier price point, but I preferred the little softer and refined lines of the Vince.

You can see and shop these as well as some more picks below! Please note, the gallery below is best viewed in a browser on your computer. Some devices that are not able to display Java Script will not display the gallery properly.

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