We had planned to be in Durango this weekend, but when we started out on our 7 hour drive from PHX to DRO on Saturday morning, we unexpectedly turned around just under 2 hours in to the drive. On Saturday morning, Raffa had woken up with a low fever, but seemed fine. As we packed up the car and got on the road, his fever worsened a little. By an hour and a half in, poor Raffa was not feeling too hot. He was such a trooper; he wasn't complaining or whining or anything. But it was obvious that he didn't feel to great and so even against his pleas of, "I want to go to Durango!" we turned the car around and headed back to Phoenix.

It was a good decision because he rested quite a bit on Saturday, got good rest Saturday night, and felt surprisingly good yesterday. We had a slow morning and by lunchtime Raffa was definitely feeling good enough to get out. So, we got to check out Agritopia, which I have been meaning to visit since before we lived here.

Agritopia is a unique community, an agricultural neighborhood community, nestled within the urban the Phoenix metro area. Located in Gilbert, Agritopia is all about preserving urban agriculture and integrating it into a community-driven, well-designed community. The design of the community and its lifestyle focuses on simplifying life with easy connections to friends and family. Part of the community is homes, obviously, and farms. But we visited two of the commercial ventures in the community - Joe's Farm Grill and The Coffee Shop.

I have heard rave reviews for Joe's Farm Grill - and everyone else must have too because there was a line out the door, literally. We were too hungry to wait so we hopped over to The Coffee Shop. The food was fine, but the setting is what we enjoyed the most. We hung around for a few hours enjoying the patio and grassy areas between Joe's and The Coffee Shop.

I definitely want to go back to try Joe's Farm Grill. The market was not open, but I hope to visit again to check that out.

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