Raffa's 2nd Birthday Party

Today is Raffa's 2nd Birthday! But, on Saturday we celebrated Raffa's 2nd birthday. What was supposed to be a party at one of Raffa's favorite local parks, turned in to a small family get together at home due to some inclement weather. We had lots of rain the week leading up to Saturday, Saturday itself was cold and rainy, and Sunday we actually woke up to snow!

All week I watched the weather in anticipation of Saturday. By Thursday it was clear the weather was not going to cooperate. So, I sent out an email to friends. And, in lieu of the outdoor party in the park, we had a small family get-together at home. Raffa had a blast, which obviously was the only priority for me!

Last year, I made a banner  and this year's project (albeit an easy one) was a number "2" made out of photos. The project took all of a half an hour on Friday night, and was made up of about 40 more recent photos of Raffa. (I used The Print Studio to print recent photos of Raffa off of my Instagram feed.)
Raffa and Asher did some coloring with (Great) Grandma Shirley and Mimi. Raffa is obsessed with coloring, and loves his big Hello Kitty coloring sheets.
Originally, when the park was going to be at the park, party favors were supposed to be one of Raffa's favorite books for each kiddo, some gem crayons, and cat figurines (hey, Raffa likes cats). Instead Raffa and Asher each got more gem crayons, and Asher got a couple of Raffa's favorite books.
We had donuts (one of Raffa's favorites because of Donut Monday) and coffee from our favorite, Huckleberry Roasters.
I had ordered Sippy McSippersons from Shop Sweet Lulu thinking they had holes for straws punched in the caps. They didn't, so they were the most expensive toddler drinkware that was no more practical than a paper cup. Unfortunate, but all well. And, I have about ten left over since only Raffa and Asher used them.

Raffa, of course, enjoyed his donuts. He had one and half to be exact. A pink one and a "brown" (chocolate) one.

 We tried to keep gifts to a minimum because we have a very small house and Raffa already has a lot of cool stuff, but he did get some books to add to his library. He loves books, so that is always awesome. Mimi and Auntie Jonna each got him a Bruder truck, a crane and a trash truck, respectively. The boys LOVED the trucks and played with the, the rest of the party. Raffa had a particularly high-pitched crane sound I have never heard.
 Raffa was a little shy about having "Happy Birthday" sung to him. And, I helped him with his candles. (Great) Grandma Shirley had the honor of holding and snuggling him.
Mimi made the funfetti sprinkle cake which was delicious, although it was a lot of sweets on top of the donuts previously eaten.
 Raffa had an amazing time. So in the end, I could have cared less that my park party plans were spoiled by rain. The day turned out amazingly perfect.

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