A day of decent weather, which actually turned out cooler than we expected, was the perfect day for a tricycle ride. Raffa and Asher have the same tricycle, which they both love to ride. Raffa walks his; Asher pedals. And, they made quite the pair riding to the university near our house with my sister, my mom, and myself in tow.

The university campus has some good hills. These boys like the downhills.

And they like ANY shenanigans and adventures that involve one another.

After hitting a few downhills and making our way around the interior campus, we were all pretty thoroughly chilled so we headed back home. These are the days.

Photos by my sister, Jonna.

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chloe marty said...

Such Cuties!! I'm so glad your sis and Asher are closer so you can see them more.


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