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I have been selling on eBay for years ... since 2004, in fact. John and I have taken great care to list quality items with accurate descriptions, and we deliver when it comes to customer service. Over the years it has been a great outlet for selling things we no longer need or want; and over the course of the past decade we have built a solid feedback reputation on eBay.

I have been on a kick of wanting to declutter and rid my house of things that I don't need, things I don't wear, and things I don't use/enjoy on a regular basis. It is amazing, when you look at things through a very discerning lens, how much you actually could do without. My eyes look at all my stuff in a new way, and a lot of it could just go and I would not miss it. With that in mind and with that lens on, I have been listing things on eBay. I donate things that are of little value or not worth the effort of listing, but I have lots of very gently worn clothing items and other goods that are still in excellent (in some cases like new) condition. Those pieces are what I list on eBay and currently I have quite the assortment of women's designer jeans (skinny styles in sizes ranging from 24-26), some tops and sweaters, some outerwear (jackets and a vest), sunglasses, and a pair of booties. John is on-board with this material cleanse, too, so there are also some men's watches and shoes.

currently listed as shown above: Patagonia Women's Fleece Pullover (sold - sorry!), Nation Ltd tee, Leigh & Luca scarf (sold but similar), Steve Madden Freebird Malbec booties, 7 for All Mankind skinny jeans (seen worn in the later part of this post), Rifle Paper Co. notebooks

Some of my items move quickly, while others take a bit to sell, but you can be sure to find a pretty nice assortment (if I do say so myself). Check out everything I have for sale on eBay by visiting . Just a heads-up - I will be listing more items on a regular basis. Specifically, in the next couple of weeks I will be listing some Tiffany & Co. necklaces and rings.

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