Raffa's first trip to the barber + a lollipop

Yesterday entailed two firsts for Raffa: first hair cut and first lollipop. Raffa's first trip to the barber went a little something like this .... apprehension of barber, the spray bottle, the shears, and the lollipop. All were regarded with suspicion and curiosity as seen in the photos above. All were new experiences - even the lollipop - so a little confusion was not out of place. Mama, Mimi, Daddy, Auntie Jonna, and Asher were all in attendance for moral support.

Another one of the barber's, seeing Raffa's apprehension, brought over a mirror and held it up so Raffa could see what was going on. That, the fact he that he starting enjoying the lollipop, or likely both really put him at ease. He let the barber do his thing, really (I mean really) savored that lollipop, and glanced in the mirror periodically to see what the barber was doing.

We only did a trim ... Raffa's hair was getting in his eyes and hanging over his ears. So, we have the barber clean all that up, but there were strict instructions to let the mullet/duck tail in the back alone. It is intact.

First barber shop experience, a right of passage for boys everywhere - success. No tears, no fit. First lollipop, also a delicious success.

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