2015 planners + agendas

I had intentions to get this post up last year, in late December. That did not happen, but it is still worth sharing in case you haven't found the right 2015 planner for you!

Each year I am on the hunt for the perfect planner. I have even gone so far to create my own for 2015! I may not end up using it because I have also ordered a Passion Planner (lower right above), but we will see. In any case, these are some planners that stand out to me for 2015. I always like a planner that goes down to the weekly, if not daily detail (not a monthly planner, in other words), so that's what these are. Other factors that are important to me are whether or not the planner lays flat and what kind of binding it has - so I have included that information below. Lastly, I like my planner on the larger side so these are all medium to large sized planners.

Day Designer

  • big (9"x9.25"), detailed, comprehensive planner 
  • daily planner (1 day per page / 2 days per spread)
  • lays flat
  • coil bound
  • several cover designs to choose from (although I wish there was a "plain" version)
  • available for purchase at daydesigner.com

Ardium Fabric Journal
  • medium (5.5"x7.1"), clean, classic, basic
  • weekly planner (1 week per spread - one page is the 7 day week, opposite page is for notes)
  • lays flat
  • book binding
  • two neutral fabric cover colors to choose from (beige or gray)
  • available from mochithings.com

Sugar & Type Rule the World 2015 Planner
  • medium (8.5"x5.5"), design-forward, clean, simple, effective
  • weekly planner (1 week per spread - one page is for weekly goal setting and planning, opposite page is 7 days of week)
  • lays flat
  • coil bound
  • black cover
  • available from Sugar & Type on Etsy (hurry to get yours as part of the FINAL reorder)

Passion Planner
  • large (8.5"x11"), graphic, bold, busy, designed for goal setting and passion planning (duh)
  • weekly planner (1 week per spread with 7 days covering spread with room for notes and goal setting and lists across bottom of spread)
  • lays flat
  • book bound (similar look/feel to Moleskin notebooks)
  • black cover
  • available from PassionPlanner.com (order now for late February 2015 arrival)

Have you locked down your 2015 planner? It's a big commitment! You'll have it for a whole year. So, which one did you go with? Do you switch it up or always go with the same brand/design?

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