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I love books and I love reading. Did you know that about me? Thinking about it, I feel like that is something that may not have been at all apparent here on andchloe. That is surprising, because when I say I love reading, I mean I LOVE reading. It is one of my favorite things to do. I specific love reading novels. I have loved reading since I learned how to read. Before Raffa, I was an avid reader, reading about a book a month, if not more. Since Raffa .... oh, that's a whole other story. I think I have read maybe three books since I had Raffa in May 2013. That's so sad, considering how much I love reading. I have not missed it, per say, as I have had plenty to fill my time. Certainly if I had more free time the past 20 months, I would have read more.

When I came across Where'd You Go, Bernadette somewhere in my Instagram feed, I was instantly intrigued when I read the synopsis. So, intrigued in fact that I decided to make it the fourth book I have read since becoming a mama.

My good friend, Jenny, was looking for a good book too; or so she happened to mention in an email exchange right after New Year's. I suggested Bernadette to her; she was hooked to. Upon further email discussion, she talked about a book club across the miles (she is in Bayfield, I am in Denver) and maybe even tying it in to her blog. With all that, a remote book club has been born ... members consisting of myself, Jenny, and our friend Emily ... and hopefully you. That's right, the schtick is that I am going to sincerely try to read a book a month and I want to discuss the books here on the blog. Jenny will be doing the same over on her blog. And, I hope when a title interests you, you will join in, read, and participate in the discussion in the comments.

I started Bernadette last week. I was hooked after just a few pages in. A month from now, I will finish up the book and post a discussion about it (shooting for Feb. 16ish - I say "ish" because I am getting a slower start than I had hoped!).


chloe marty said...

I will check it out! Reading more is always one of my birthday resolutions since becoming a mom. I will say it gets better and easier but half of what I read becomes about kiddo/gender development, etc. While I agree with many that we don't need books to teach us how to parent, Nurtureshock is one of the most eye-opening books I've ever read and I think every parent, grandparent and teacher should read it.
Hoping to join the discussion for Bernadette. :)

chloe marty said...

Jess, NurtureShock sounds totally interesting. I have to be brutally honest - reading parenting books is something I avoid because I don't want to be told what to do. I want to do what feels right for me and Raffa and our family, and not feel like I have to judge it against some one else's standards of "right" and "correct." That said, NurtureShock sounds super interesting - not like a parenting how-to book at all. I have purchased several books on raising a boy, but I never end up reading much of them because they are so DULL. I have definitely gotten some good information from them, but they are just not exciting! Is NurtureShock different?

Would love if you could join and read Where'd You Go, Bernadette. I love mystery and true crime novels and I feel like this is a fun twist on the mystery genre.

chloe marty said...

I couldn't agree more! The first rule of parenting is to trust your gut! Nurture shock was recommended to me by several parent friends that I really respect, some of whom are also teachers. It's based on scientific research and really would be beneficial for every human to understand how best to deal with and motivate others. It's changed how we speak to and encourage Ben and it's definitely made a difference. It's also a quick, entertaining read. If my copy wasn't already loaned and in line to be borrowed again, I'd send it to you. Let me know if you read it and I will search for Bernadette this weekend. ;)


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