Anine Bing favorites

Since posting my Anine Bing winter wish list, I have invested in some most and more of the pieces on it. Anything I get from Anine Bing quickly becomes my favorite top, sweater, jean, [insert item of clothing here].

My most recent Anine acquisitions included the Ripped Jeans in Dark Grey, Vneck Linen T-Shirt, Black Lace Bra, and Army Shirt. I love each of these pieces separately, but also together.  The Ripped Jeans (in dark grey or washed blue) are easily my favorite jeans right now. They fit great, don't stretch and bag out, and are the perfect length for me. The Linen T-Shirt fits perfectly; because it is linen it drapes in the perfect way a cotton tee just cannot.

I wear this look with my Steve Madden Freebird Lasso booties, or just with my Vans.

I have been lusting after the Janessa Leone Lucy Hat which I think would be perfect with this look.

Anine's line is my dream/perfect wardrobe right now. I find endless inspiration on how to wear her pieces by stalking her Instagram. In fact you can find her wearing a variation of this look here and here. Oh, and see it on me here.


chloe marty said...

Thanks for the outfit inspirations! I have very similar items, but most from Madewell. I noticed you were wearing the anine bing jeans at the park a while ago and, I must say, they did fit you incredibly well.

chloe marty said...

I love Madewell's shirts and flannels, but the sleeves are always way too short for me. I have long arms, but you'd think according to Madewell, I am some sort of ape-girl!

chloe marty said...

Hey :) Nice blog you have! I was just wandering what size you have in your Anine jeans? I want them too, but not sure what size to get. I am 170 cm and about 60 kilos :p can you help me?

chloe marty said...

Hi Martine. I am 5'6" (about 167cm) and 105 lbs (48kg) and I wear a size 24. These fit true to size for me in that I wear size 24 in other designer jean brands as well.

Mine fit my nice and tight. They stretch a little as I wear them, but they do not stretch out too much, lose their shape, or get baggy. I typically wear mine 2-3 times between washings.

And, I do LOVE these jeans. I have the blue and the black and they are my two favorite pairs!!!

Hope that helps!

chloe marty said...

Okei, thanks for your help :) I will order them too :D I can always change if they do not fit. ;)

chloe marty said...


chloe marty said...

I love Anine Bing. Thanks for this post :-). What size do you have in your Anine lace bra? I want them too, but the greatest underbust measurement is a size L with 67 cm. I have an underbust measurement about 78 cm!!! And my 14 months old daughter 45 cm!! The sizes are not realistic. Can you help me?

chloe marty said...

Hi Sabine,
I have a size XS and I typically wear a 34A in other bras. However, it is worth mentioning, after having my son, I am not even an A cup really. I think I solved this mystery though! I just measured my underbust and it measures 70cm, so then I took a look at the bra. The underbust is very elastic. When I lay my XS flat it only measure like 54cm but when I stretch the elastic and measure with the elastic stretched out, it measures like 73-74cm. I am not sure if that will help your size, but based on all that and what you told me, I would guess maybe a M? Hope that helps! It is a gorgeous bra.


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