warm wishes + merry christmas

Happy Holidays + Merry Christmas + Happy New Year + Happy Everything

Happy Holidays to you and yours! I hope your holidays are spent enjoying time with the people you love. That really is what makes my holiday magical, and that will be our focus. Although we have a bug going around our extended family, I had it a couple of weeks ago and it is still making its rounds, we plan on spending a lot of time over at my mom's house enjoying good company and hearty (healthy) food.

Things may be a little quiet here on andchloe until 2015. I will likely post a little here and there, but don't have plans to spend a lot of time blogging until the new year.

This is our 2014 holiday card, by the way. I usually do more of a reveal complete with photography. Didn't get a chance to get to it this year (read: that bug I mentioned above), so although I may share more in depth later on, for now this will do. 

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chloe marty said...

and Merry Christas to you!! I absolutely love & adore your card btw...I hope everyone feels well tomorrow!! xoxox!


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