snowy day

Snow started falling yesterday (Christmas Day) late in the afternoon. So in essence we got a White Christmas! This afternoon when I went out to shovel, we suited Raffa up in his snow suit and new snow boots (thanks, Mimi!). This marks the first time Raffa has really, truly played in the snow. Last winter I would bundle Raffa up in a snow suit, put him in the Ergo baby, and head out to shovel with him strapped to me. At that point his was too little to play in the snow, and he would just hang out on my, sometimes fall asleep, while I shoveled. Those are good memories for me. I find shoveling to be therapeutic - maybe it is the time to think out in the cold, beautiful snow while working hard to shovel snow? Who knows, but wearing Raffa while shoveling was just part of our adventures together and I loved it all the more.

Today, Raffa was not a fan of getting his snow suit and boots on, and at first he was skeptical about the being out in snow. Not because he was cold, but because he couldn't move and run around like he is so used to doing. I shoveled while John and Raffa headed out on some adventure. At first Raffa was a rather cranky participant, but after I finished the sidewalk and moved to the driveway, I called to John for a status update and the report back was that Raffa was starting to enjoy himself.

As I finished the driveway, Raffa picked up the broom and "helped" me finish up the driveawy. By this time, he was definitely loving it. After we finished shoveling, we still had about a half hour until nap time, so we explored a little more.

 I sing "A B C D E F G..." and dance and then it's Raffa's turn!

Raffa refused to wear gloves, but luckily it was not too cold out and all the manual labor kept his hands warm - they were literally warmer than mine! Those sweet cheeks sure were rosy, though.

And someone was very unhappy when it was time to go inside.


chloe marty said...

SOooo sweet! Makes me envision Evley in the snow next year :)

chloe marty said...

Totally! And next year will be here before you know it! xo


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