the universal: our favorite denver breakfast

I love breakfast food. Breakfast might be my favorite meal because I love all of the typical American breakfast foods. I also love going out to breakfast/brunch. With a toddler, it is probably the easiest meal to eat out for ... first thing in the morning, Raffa is well rested and generally in a good mood. Too close to lunch and its naptime; dinnertime is too close to bedtime.

When you love breakfast like I do, you typically have your favorite breakfast place. And, although I really like Devil's Food, my favorite breakfast spot is one that is right in my own neighborhood (less than 2 miles from home): The Universal.


The Universal is our go-to breakfast joint; and we go at least once a week for breakfast. They have absolutely fantastic breakfast and good, strong coffee. John and I typically for a very traditional egg, bacon, potato, biscuit breakfast - scrambled for me, over medium for him (above). And the biscuits! Oh my gawd, they are so delicious. If you love baked goods and namely biscuits, you have to have one of these. They are big (I usually take at least half of mine home for later). They are a little denser and less flaky than some biscuits, but just the right amount of buttery-ness. Mmmmm. Butter.

Raffa usually noshes on some of our eggs and bacon, but he also gets the yogurt and granola (both housemade!!!). It is delicious; I always have a few bites. Now that Raffa can feed himself, that is part of the [messy] fun for him.

The atmosphere at The Universal is like a modern diner and it's super relaxed. The waitstaff is awesome; super friendly and helpful. All good things for a go-to spot with a toddler in tow. Going out to eat with a toddler, is always an exercise in keeping said toddler entertained. The vibe and waitstaff at The Universal make that easy (see below for proof and evidence).

We frequent The Universal with family and friends, and are always excited to take first timers there. And, it'll probably be my meal out of choice next week for my birthday. One of my favorite things to do is go out to breakfast at this place with my guys.

If you are in Denver, I highly recommend you try it! Let me know if you do and how you like it. I think you'll love it!


chloe marty said...

Fabulous list! My Ben still loves that same bunny. I was so hopeful FP would do a carryall in that color. :( Happy Holidays to you and yours!

chloe marty said...

That bunny is the BEST. Raffa loves his, that's why I put it on this list. I am getting him the doggie this year, though. They are so soft.

And I am with you on the carryall - the fleet week color would have been gorgeous!


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