minted holiday cards

I will be sharing my holiday cards in due time. I have also wrapped up all of my holiday card designing for the year. However, Minted's deadline for receiving your cards by Dec. 22 is tomorrow. In addition to having a great option for last-minute ordering and amazing Christmas card designs, they also offer some options that I cannot - foil stamped cards and die cut cards. I technically can offer foil stamping and die cut cards, but not at the great price and uber-quick turnaround of Minted.

So not surprisingly, some of my favorite Minted designs include these awesome details. The foil stamped cards are gorgeous, and come in options of gold, rose gold, or silver. And, the die cut cards are actually ornament cards and come with ribbon for hanging.

Here are a couple of the foil stamped cards I love; with an appropriate photo inserted!

And the die cut/shape (ornament) cards:

So, if you left it to the super last minute, hop over to Minted and check out their selection.

Full disclosure: Minted contacted me and asked me to share some of my favorite holiday card designs from their site. In crafting content for andchloe, I only feature brands/products that I truly enjoy/love/have a passion for. I wanted you to know that I was asked by Minted to do this post, but just importantly I wanted to let you know that I choose to post this because first and foremost I am impressed by the design and print quality of Minted's products.


chloe marty said...

Ooooh! These are nice!! But...I'm happy to have been on time this year to have my Chloe created cards :)))

chloe marty said...

Your photos are all very nice, too, btw!!


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