what a difference a year makes

I was going through the recent family photos we had taken because I am choosing the all important holiday card photo! I get super excited about this stuff, because I love planning and executing my holiday card. It has been a tradition in my family to send out a holiday card with photo my whole life, something I have carried on in to my own little family.

When I was looking through photos, I could not help but do a side-by-side comparison from last year's photos which were taken almost exactly a year ago. Raffa was only 6 months old in the photos on the right, and in this year's photos he is 17 months old. It is amazing how much happens and changes in a year, and having a child marks that passage of time for me even more dramatically. I cannot imagine what the next year holds for us.

On the note of holiday cards, in case you did not know, I offer custom design services for holiday cards. It is time to finish that process up and I will only be taking another two commissions for holiday cards, so if you are interested, please contact me sooner than later. Any of my past holiday card designs are available for customization as well. I am working on customizations of past designs through the end of November; so, there is less of a rush on that.

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