Halloween 2014 // Wayne's World

As I mentioned yesterday and on Instagram, Raffa was Garth from Wayne's World for Halloween. What would Garth be without his Wayne? Well, that's where Asher came in. But, you try keeping glasses on a Raffa. It's near impossible; so Garth went without his glasses most of the day.

On Halloween we went to the park; and Wayne and Garth partied it up like usual. In the early evening, we went trick-or-treating. We went to probably a half dozen houses. Asher, I mean Wayne, got it and sweetly said "trick or treat" on cue. Garth was oblivious, but was happy to stand with Wayne and accept candy.

This Halloween marked Raffa's second, but his first trick-or-treating experience. We all had a great time, and we even grew mustaches for the occasion (John even sprouted a uni-brow). I cheesily said "I mustache you a question..." about fifteen times more than I should have, but our excursion around the neighborhood with Mimi, my sister, her husband, and Asher was a ton of fun. The kind of fun that leaves you already looking forward to next year.

Hope your Halloween was fun-filled and memorable, too!

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