a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken october 19, 2014 // Denver, Colorado

Raffa literally says a new word, or several words, every day now. It is absolutely thrilling and fascinating to hear the new things he has to say each day. Earlier this week, on Monday, he revealed that he can count to three; something that I was not aware he was able to do. Although I count things with him, mostly stairs as we ascend or descend; counting is not something we consciously work on. So, it came as a tremendous surprise when Mimi (my mom) was helping him up a flight of three steps and she said "one" as they went up the first step; and then he said, "two" as they went up the second step. Mimi repeated "two", and then Raffa said "three" as they went up the last step. As I mentioned, we were all really surprised, and obviously immensely proud and absolutely delighted.

Note: We had family photos last Sunday, and this portrait of Raffa is from that session with Kristin Mae Photography.

Read about The 52 Project and why I am participating here.

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