children's books: a book report on Lifetime, Catching Kisses, + Line 135

Books are a big part of our daily lives. I have always loved to read, for as long as I can remember. And, although there was a time I was worried because Raffa showed no interest in books, it turns out that it was just because he was not old enough to show an interest in books. Since he was about ten or eleven months old, he has been enamored with books (see here, here, here, and here) We read mostly board books, and Raffa prefers animal books, but I am building his library of story books, as well. Eventually we will transition away from board books and enter the world of story books. And, there are so many great story books out there!

I found three story books I particularly liked to give to Asher, my nephew, as his first birthday gift. Lifetime, Catching Kisses, and Line 135. Lifetime teaches us about number of occurrences of a particular event happening in an animals life, giving children an opportunity to not only count but also think about patterns, science, and conceptualizing time and events. Catching Kisses is about the trajectory and eventual landing place of a blown kiss; Asher is the sweetest and most willing kiss-giver. And, Line 135 is about a child's journey by train from her home in the city to her grandmother's home in the country and touches on the endless possibility that a child's future holds. All three books contain beautiful and captivating illustrations that little ones will appreciate ... I really loved the illustrations, myself.

We all hear about "good books" when it comes to adult books, but I am on a mission to build Raffa's library with meaningful story books. I will share some of my notable finds from time to time. If you have any particularly good and unique books to recommend, please do share!

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