a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken august 24, 2014 // Arvada, Colorado

Raffa is quite independent. Ever since he started really playing with toys, he has been rather content to independently play with them without me there to entertain him. Obviously, I love engaging him, but it is a beautiful thing to watch him entertain himself. Now, we see him started to pretend with the beginnings of make believe; like last week when he was using his plastic bowl and spoon toys to "mix" something up and eat it. 

Along with his independent play comes another kind of independence; the kind that makes it such that he will head off at the park leaving me wondering, if I didn't chase after him would he come back? Even look back?

I suppose this is a great big world with lots of exploring, and for Raffa the desire to explore and play sometimes trumps worrying about checking in with mama. Or perhaps, as I would love to hope, it's more a confidence and he he knows I am always nearby if he needs me, so there is no need to constantly seek out mama.

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