my favorite spot // rapson chair

One of my favorite spots in our little bungalow is the seating area of our living/main room. Not only is some of my favorite art in this space (our bicycle paintings), but my favorite of our chairs - our Rapson chair inhabits this space, too. Add our antique buffet cabinet and comfortable leather arm chair and the space becomes on of my favorite.

Adding a statement chair, like the Rapson, adds visual interest to a room and can even be a conversation starter. For this space, I blended a few design styles and special pieces to create a comfortable, livable space. In this case we have the modernist/mid-century Rapson chair, the antique cabinet, and a comfortable, large mid-century leather arm chair.

We have a modern lamp on the antique cabinet and a mid-century inspired black and brass task lamp on a Danish modern style side table. All of those styles are mixed with our bicycle paintings to create a curated space filled with pieces that have a story and are a part of our story.

Of course our story includes a little guy named Raffa so this space also includes his toy basket tucked in a corner.

One King's Lane has a great resource for learning more about and choosing a statement chair; their complete guide to modern chairs is one article out of a whole little online library of home decor resource guides that they have on their site.

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