a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014

photo taken may 16, 2014 // Denver, Colorado

Raffa wants to be down on the ground, crawling around and exploring. This fact makes getting photos of him lately quite difficult. 

At home, he is constantly on the move. He is very independent when playing around the house, but equally loves a companion whether it is me/daddy/mimi/etc. getting down on the floor with him, or his cousin/BFF, Asher, coming over to play. 

For meals at home, he declines staying still and elects to crawl around and play while I feed him {bad habit, but it is what it is}. Luckily when we eat out or outside, the excitement of watching other goings on keeps him still long enough for us to have a decent meal. 

When does he stay still? When I read to him, as he continues to love books, he sits still. If I put on Sesame Street to clip his finger and toe nails (which is the totality of his TV watching), he will sit still. Being out on a walk in his blue car or his chariot [Bob the stroller], he is content to be still and enjoy the outdoors. And at night, right before bed, if I am lucky, after he finishes his bottle he might want to cuddle up, tummy to tummy, and he will lie still and let me hold him.

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