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Last week on Instagram we revealed the new WILD HEARTS design, which will be available in April. We are so excited about this design, which is an illustration by Shannon Snow and inspired by my and my sister's dad's days as a motorcycle racer. Today, I wanted to share this design here on andCHLOE, but I also wanted to share some photos of the inspiration.

Yep, that is our dad. He definitely had that whole genuine coolness going on. The kind that hipsters and such emulate in modern day. He raced bikes around the globe, went through rings of fire, and did a wheelie up an iconic San Francisco street. All this inspired the cafe racer in our new design...

...and the message within in the bike frame, as well. You see, dad needed to get bike parts cheaper so he created FUCH'S COMPETITION ENGINEERING - a race club of sorts. It allowed him to get parts at wholesale. He also had t-shirts and stickers made. The logo (below) was on the front of the t-shirts and across the shoulder blades on the back read: LIVE HARD  RIDE FAST  DIE YOUNG. We figured the "die young" part was a little morbid for little ones' tees, to say the least. So, we changed it up to FOREVER YOUNG, which is more inline with our brand message.

This design will be available on tees and tanks, sizes 0-3 months up to 2T. If you want to be notified when they are available in April, you can sign up for our email list on our website or follow us on Instagram @WILDHEARTSFOREVER because we will be announcing it there too.

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