logo revision :: taking cara babies

I needed some sleep guidance. Little John sleeps well at night, but he is waking up earlier than I would like him to. He takes a morning nap, but I think he needs an afternoon one too. So, I got in touch with Cara of Taking Cara Babies; she is a former neo-natal nurse and mom of 4. She does all sorts of baby consulting, but has begun to focus on more of the sleep consulting and training part of her business.

When I contacted her, she proposed a trade: sleep consultations in return for some logo help. She had a very cute existing logo, but the text part of it was difficult to read and she had found that it was not translating well across different applications. She also happened to not have a vector of her logo. So, I redrew her logo so now she has a vector and I revised the text portion of her logo.

I sent some typeface samples over to her and from her feedback I delivered the following options:

Cara selected logo concept A, and after some cleaning up it will now replace her old logo.

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