introducing shootcrew // photography workshops in denver and boulder

A while back a professional photographer friend of mine approached me to work with him on some photography workshops he was putting into the works. With so many people interested in learning how to take good photos and then how to turn taking photos in to a business, he figured he would share his knowledge about both topics through some workshops. The workshops will come in a couple different formats - an intensive weekend (2-day) workshop that will cover it all and in more casual ShootCrew get togethers where one topic will be covered in a few hours. The workshops and events will be in Denver and Boulder.

Yours truly will also be teaching a small portion of the workshops; not photography, of course, but the business side - branding/identity, website, blog, etc. And, a not surprising side note, I also designed the logo. That is the logo and our brand palette above.

We will be announcing the dates for our first workshops soon, but on our website you can find little more information as well as a way to be notified of when the workshops are on the calendar. We also have a Denver group and a Boulder group that we use to keep in touch and disseminate information about events.

We are really excited to get started and have a ton of fun details in the works. I will share more soon (or sign up for the email list to be notified), like a little more about the workshops, the curriculum, us people behind the scenes, the awesome workshop/event locations, the swag bag contents, and of course, the dates.

I know a few of my readers might find these workshops and events right up their alley ... if so, I hope to see at one soon.

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