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This post is part of a series I am titling "healthy food lifestyle" and it details my philosophy on food as well as the "whys" behind my choices and the practicalities of the way I choose to eat. Read all the posts in this series here.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin is a fat-absorbing hormone that is produced in and released by the pancreas every time we eat. There is a theory that revolves around the frequency of eating and the idea that it is better to eat 6 small meals a day to supposedly keep your metabolism constant. This way of eating leads to “grazing” where you eat every 2-3 hours to avoid ever feeling hungry. However, when we examine this way of eating in light of insulin release, we see that with this way of eating, insulin is being released every 2-3 hours (every time you eat). So, we almost constantly have insulin in our bloodstream, never giving our bodies a chance to release other hormones that only release and work between meals, including certain hormones with anti-aging properties.

Many people may find it difficult to not eat every 2-3 hours because they find that after eating that way so long, their body is used to eating at those times. However, transitioning over to eating three main meals a day with one snack as needed can be made easy when you eat foods that keep you full and satisfied between meals. The key to keeping you full between meals is eating healthy fats at meals. The point isn’t to starve between meals, but to eat food at mealtimes that will keep you full until the next mealtime.

Some ideas of healthy fats to add to various meals are as follows: raw walnuts, coconut oil,  almond butter (raw, organic), and avocado.

{For more information on healthy fats and why they are good for us, see the healthy food lifestlye post about fats.)

Favorite Recipe No. 8

Walnut and Coconut Porridge

This grain-free porridge is a great alternative to oatmeal and it has walnuts and coconut which have those healthy fats that will keep you full for longer.

{photo courtesy of the Spunky Coconut}
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