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A few weeks ago we had our first profesh family photos taken by Kristin Mae Photography. I wanted to share literally each and every one of the shots Kristin got, but we are still choosing one for our holiday cards and I don't want to spoil that, so this is a small sampling of my "not favorites" aka "not gonna be the holiday card photos" {I really love them all!}.

So here are some of our family photos {although we are missing our chocolate girl, Mocha}. These were taken at the beginning of November in Denver. It was a beautiful fall evening; crisp but not cold. The light was perfect. And, little John, despite a cold, was a sweet guy like usual, albeit a little less smiley.

Our family has been on quite the adventures in the past year. Last year at this time we were living in Miami and were {honestly} still a little shocked to learn that we were unexpectedly expecting. From there we ended up hurrying back to Colorado when I was 37 weeks pregnant so that we could make it back to Colorado and welcome our little boy as a Coloradan. We made it to Colorado, barely; and our boy was born almost two weeks early just under two weeks after we arrived home to Colorado.

After little John was born, it has been a blur of six months. My husband, John started school {MBA program at CU Denver} and a large part of that six months has been spent adjusting to life as parents. I will be brutally honest, becoming a mother was not easy for me. I had the best and easiest pregnancy and what I think was an easy labor and delivery, but the hard part started after all that. I am selfish; so is my husband. We will readily admit it. Welcoming a baby into our selfish lives where we were used to just us, doing what we wanted when we wanted to, and learning to give up some of our freedom was a shocking challenge. It has literally been a six month process that continues to challenge me.

These photos, however, capture a glimpse of our family dynamic right now; a glimpse that I feel is accurate. Our genuine smiles and simple interactions in these photos will be a forever reminder of this moment in our lives.


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