more family photos

So, I have some more family photos to share ...

In addition to the first profesh family photos of my little family, when I was in Phoenix last week, we had a little mini session with Deborah Brandon Photography. The purpose of the session was for my sister and her family to get their holiday card photo, but also to get some shots of my mom {Mimi} with her two grandsons {my little John and my nephew, Asher}. My sister and I jumped in to a couple of those shots as well. Now that we did it, it makes me realize I want to make it a yearly tradition, perhaps minus the holiday props plus add in my dad, John, and Erik {the sister's man}. It has literally been more than a decade since my mom, sister, and I were in a professionally taken photo together {other than my wedding}! Unfortunately, for Phoenix I had not packed for professional photos, so I was quite disappointed to wear flip flops in the photos, but what can you do. I am sure in 5, 10, 20, 30 years I will be so glad I have these that I will care less about those darn flip flops.

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