micro homes under 300 sq. ft.

--> Not long ago the idea of a pre-fab home was that of a single wide trailer. The manufacturing and delivery process has become more refined and the designes have evolved dramatically. The improvements in prefabs has recently sparked a new trend in micro homes coinciding with rising home prices, a downturn in the economy and rising energy costs. Prefab homes have become more popular in the United States and in the rest of the world in recent years. Architects are coming up with very impressive designs and layouts that actually seem spacious.

These four houses are all under 300 square feet (crazy!), but the one think I wonder is how do these work for a family. For a single person or couple I think this is awesome. For a family, maybe a little more space is needed.

I have come more and more to appreciate smaller square footages over the years. If once I thought I wanted a big home, living in a 1700 square foot condo in Durango then a 1,100 square foot condo in Miami, and now a 1,000 square foot home in Denver have changed my mind. If I were to pick an ideal size for my family, I would say 1,800 would be great - 2,000 at the very most would be it.

No. 1 is designed by a company by the name of FreeDomsky out of the Czech Republic and comes in at 247 sq. ft.

No. 2 is designed by Foundry Architects and Brian Levy out of California comes in at a whopping 210 sq. ft. with an impressively appointed kitchen for its size, an office nook, and a unique bed that slides out from under the floor.

No. 3 is from Nomad Micro Homes in Vancouver comes in at around 100-200 sq. ft. and is only a prototype, but the design looks promising with and expected cost of around $30,000.

No. 4 might be my favorite aesthetically and is from a UK-based builder by the name of Dwelle. This little dwelling boasts 253 square feet of living space and would be my first pick if I was in the market for a micro-home. I love its ultra modern design, stark white walls, and cathedral ceiling. 

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