john raphael marty :: 6 months old

My little John is six months old today. Half of a year.

Currently he:

  • weighs about 17 pounds
  • can sit on his own although he still topples over from time to time
  • loves to play with toys, his "car keys" are his favorite although he also likes balls and rattles
  • likes to look at books, but tries to eat them too
  • loves his bath (nothing new here)
  • went to Durango for the third time
  • feels like big stuff when he sits in his high chair
  • is developing quite the sweet sense of humor; "boo!" is damn funny
  • loves (as in literally gobbles up) sweet potato/yams and coconut oil (I puree the two together)
  • still reaches for everything, and grabs and picks up things
  • can put his feet in his mouth and has been known to suck on his toe
  • had his second cold, nastier than the first WHILE he was also teething (tooth has not poked through yet)
  • is growing hair and although it can be difficult to see in photos, he actually has quite a bit of light brown hair
  • likes to wiggle and crawl all over you, however we are still learning to scoot, pull, and crawl on the ground
  • is incredibly sweet and happy

On to the next month, which is sure to include all sorts of exciting new things ... we are off to Phoenix on Thursday to spend some time with my sister and nephew. Little John is sure to enjoy seeing Asher, as he now recognizes other babies and children as not adults.

Top image taken by Kristin Mae Photography. All photos in bottom collage taken by me.

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