john raphael marty :: two months old

Two months! Today, July 12, 2013 marks the day.

I cannot believe he is two months old! {Isn't that what every mom says.} Here is what my little guy is up to lately:

  • I am about 10 pounds.
  • I am pretty tall; mom is interested to see how tall I am at my two month doc appointment.
  • I am working on my social smile.
  • Over the past three weeks or so, my eyebrows and eyelashes have really filled in; especially my eyelashes - they are long and thick.
  • Diaper changes are not as bad as I once thought.
  • I sleep well at night; usually go to bed at 9-10pm and sleep until 3am, then I eat, and then sleep until 6-8am.
  • I am not so worried about laying on my back anymore; I used to hate it!
  • My bath is quite nice {usually}.
  • I am starting to talk more; there lots of "coo" and "goo" and "Mmm-gee" and "ah-goo".
See photos of my boy:

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