back to the front range

John is packing the car. And I am feeding little John. We will stop and get some breakfast burritos and coffee on our way out of town. 

We are heading back home to Denver; I say "home to Denver" but we are leaving our home too. I grew up in Denver and it is my childhood home and now my home once again; however, Durango is also my home. I lived there here for ten years and its where I met my John, got married, an discovered so many of my passions.

We had such a great visit here. We got to see some of our favorite people, do some of our favorite things, and eat at some of our favorite restaurants (try some new ones, too). We had almost two weeks to hang around this mountain town and from the hour we arrived we knew we would need to come again soon. So that's the plan. Now that we are in Denver, we can make it down to Durango on some semblance of a regular basis.

Photo taken by me this morning of little John sleeping in our Durango bed while we packed up.

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