4880 :: downstairs

Our little bungalow is two levels; a main level with a basement. The basement was actually originally a cellar with access only from the exterior. At some point, a set of stairs were added in the interior of the house and the cellar was finished into more of a basement. The laundry, furnace, and water heater are downstairs, along with a large bedroom with closet. Once this room is finished {it currently needs a little drywall work and carpet}, it will be little John's room as well as a work/study space.

Here is what we are thinking about doing with this space:

You can see the details on all of the nursery pieces {items 3 through 7} in this post about my nursery plans. We haven't yet decided on a table and chairs, but it is sure to be something mid-century modern to match the rest of our furniture. The bookshelves will be something simple and modern; the closet will have an Elfa organization system.

At this point, this area is not a huge priority for us to finish. The drywall work and carpeting will not be particularly time consuming projects, but we have some other large projects and about 99 other small ones we want to get done as well. So, before we get to this space, we might focus on some of the outdoor projects so that we can enjoy the outdoor space as much as possible during the beautiful summer months.

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