on the road again

Remember the fun road trip John and I had last June in making our way from Colorado to Florida?

Well, I have got some news ... we are doing it again. This time it'll be a different route with a stop-over in Maryland, but we are heading back to Colorado!

If you remember posts like this one, then you know that I (we) have missed Colorado ever since we left. And, after a lot of soul searching and digging deep, we recently made the decision that we needed to move back to our home. The unexpected news that we were expecting played a big part in our decision, along with a lot of thinking and discussing about what is important to us in life and our quality of life.

So, tomorrow, we "set sail" once again on a road trip adventure that will take John, Mochie, baby-to-be, and I back to Colorado. Although I am not yet sure I will have quite the time to put into dispatches from the road like I did in June, I will definitely be posting at least some of our journey ... I will just have to see how the trip goes. And, you can also expect to see lots of Instagramming from me so make sure to follow me on Instagram if you want to follow along on this next adventure of ours.

Map shows our route from Florida to Colorado with a pit stop in Maryland. :: photo by me on Instagram of  my Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers print which was purchased for my eventual print wall.


Carissa and Eloah said...

Congratulations, I am so jealous you all get to call Colorado home again!!! Good luck, drive safe and take pics!!!

Jess H said...

Hooray! Just hooray!


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