print wall

Back in January, I shared some ideas of the directions I wanted to go with adding artwork to our home. Since then, we have not made any purchases or progress in acquiring any pieces, or giving it too mich more thought really. I have more recently been playing around with the idea of doing a print wall ... I have several prints I have already purchased and several more that are on my wish list, so I thought maybe I have them all custom-framed and we do a gallery print wall.
It is a work in progress, but here is what the concept looks like so far ... I laid it out to scale and placed it above an image of our sofa - that's where I am thinking I would put it; plus I need a large expanse of wall and that is what I have above the sofa!

I like the neutral palette of it ... it allows us to add color in other ways whether that be pillows, the rug, other art. I also love that it is comprised of prints that I have found/collected over time ... art prints that speak to me in one way or another.

Who knows if this is the solution to our artful considerations, but it is certainly another viable idea.

You can find the sources for all of these prints, as well as a few others I am considering, on my Pinterest board here.

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