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I had hyped up my trip to Colorado for the holidays quite a bit (read: here and here) ... so I figured it was only fair to report back with the happenings and going-ons that made it so fabulous. But, let me preface by saying it was as wonderful and perfect as I could have imagined.

First, I got to spend lots of time (a little over a week) with my favorite people ... John, my mom, my dad, my sister, my nephew, and my brother-in-law. We were all nestled up and cozy in my parents' home enjoying lots of quality time together. In addition, I also got to share some meals with some of my other favorite people ... some dear friends. As I mentioned in my going home post, Mocha was missing from my picture of bliss, but luckily she did very well tucked back in Miami shedding away (she is going through a major shed; getting rid of her Colorado coat for a lighter, bristlier Florida wardrobe).

My typical day consisted of a breakfast of the best oatmeal ever (made by mom) followed by running a few errands, a cold weather run (how did I forget how much I love cold weather running!?!), a healthy lunch, some hanging out, maybe some shopping at the mall or in a main street-style shopping area, and a delicious dinner with the family.

That cold weather running! It was liberating ... John and I were running a minute and a half faster per mile that in Florida. I felt light and springy. We mostly ran on paved trails and around my parents' neighborhood, but on Christmas Eve we got out on a little singletrack trail and it was pure bliss.

The food... my mom's home cooked meals were, it goes without saying, all delicious. Sitting around the dining room table enjoying the meal and talking was obviously a highlight of the trip. We also got to eat at some delicious restaurants, all of which I would include on a must-eat list if you are in Denver. Here's a little dining guide with the highlights:

:: ModMarket ::
• three locations (two in Denver, one in Boulder)
• delicious, organic, fresh, not-too-pricey, and quick/casual
• we ate here on 4 occasions for lunch
• love the superfood salad
• love the modern decor/atmosphere

:: Steuben's ::
• in a trendy neighborhood in downtown Denver
• menu featuring regional specialties
• unique drinks
• super delicious
• great atmosphere

:: The Kitchen ::
• two locations (one in LoDo, one in Boulder)
• we went to Lodo location twice for lunch
• love their lunch menu
• amazing food with a focus on organic and local
• love the industrial-kitchen style decor

:: Root Down ::
• crazy-popular and located in the Highlands neighborhood
• focus on organic and local
• unique offerings in food and drink
• like the atmosphere
• we had happy hour for dinner, small plates
• brunch on the weekends is amazing, too

:: Illegal Pete's ::
• two locations in Boulder
• the original Chipotle
• delicious burritos
• I thoroughly enjoyed dipping my burrito in queso
• inexpensive, yet filling

Last, but not least, one of the highlights of the trip was that we got to enjoy a true White Christmas. Although I enjoyed the brisk cold weather all around (even when it was freezing!), it was so cool to wake up to snow on Christmas morning ... that doesn't happen every year, even in Colorado.

So there you have it, a recap on our trip to Colorado. It was simple; not filled with a lot of exciting events or big plans. Just being with the people we love. Doing the simple things that make us happiest.

You can see a few photos from our trip, like the one above, on my instagram.

and p.s. ... regarding the big news announced on our holiday card. It's a boy.

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