i'll be home for christmas

If you read &chloe, are a friend on facebook, or know me personally, I am sure you know that I am homesick for Colorado (I know, I am like a sappy broken record). Honestly, before we moved from Colorado to Miami, I was super optimistic that I would like it. I knew I would miss Colorado, but I thought that I would like Miami enough to keep the major homesickness at bay. So, I was actually surprised when I not only felt tremendously homesick, but also when I continued to be homesick (my thought was, "certainly as time passes I will be less and less homesick.") Alas, it is Christmastime, I have been in Florida for six months, and my homesickness has not waned.

Lucky for me, I get to spend Christmas in Colorado. I can think of absolutely no where I would rather be. The anticipation for the holiday is at a level I have not experienced since I was a kid. Not because I am excited for presents, but because it will be utter bliss to spend Christmas in Colorado where it is cold and winter (snow or not, I don't care), where I will be with John, where I will be with my mom, dad, sister, nephew, and brother-in-law, and where I will get to see some friends. If that doesn't sound like simply the perfect Christmas, I don't know what would.

But wait! Sadly, I will not be with John and Mocha. I will have to leave Mocha behind here in Florida; it is not worth the risk of her traveling in the cargo hold of a plane. So, I must revise my previous statement to say that my Christmas will be almost perfect. Without my Mochie-girl, it certainly will not be the same. But, she will be safe and sound waiting for my return to Florida ... I need some incentive to get on the plane to come back, right?

So, I anxiously await our flight to Denver on Friday evening. And, I hope you all get to spend your Christmas wherever and with whomever make your holiday "perfect".

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