happy new year + 2013 planner :: my pick


...let another year's adventure begin!

No time better than January 1st for me to share the planner I got for all 365 days of 2013.

This is the 2013 planner I decided upon ... it isn't one of the three that I shared in this post. It isn't my usual Moleskin, either. But, when I came across it on A Merry Mishap's Instagram, I decided to go for it. Made by Swiss graphic designer, Julie Jolait, it is totally unique. With only 300 made, there aren't many people, let alone in the U.S. that will have it.

More importantly than its uniqueness, I love the concept of each week giving the opening page of a famous novel. The schtick is this: then you decide if you want to continue reading the whole novel.

The funtionality of the planner looks like it might leave a little to be desired, since I get a lot of use out the side "note space" in my current Moleskin (see photo below). However, I suppose the space under the narrative (on the left facing page) may provide this space and if I find the functionality to be too lacking, I have already ordered a Moleskin like the one I had last year, as a back-up plan. Either way, I will enjoy reading each weeks' famous book intro.

Have you chosen your 2013 planner yet? What will it be?

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