planning ahead

It is that time! Time to plan ahead and pick out a 2013 planner. I have narrowed my options down two three contenders:

:: no. 1 Moleskin Large Hardcover Vertical Weekly Planner $18.95 ::

:: no. 2 Russell+Hazel's Mini Binder with SmartDate System approx. $104 {I previously featured this setup here} ::

:: no. 3 Laurel Denise 2013 Planner $35 ::

I will be narrowing down my selection soon so that I can get the chosen planner in my hands and start filling with birthdays, anniversaries, names/addresses, etc. I like to do all that ahead of time.

Do you have a 2013 planner/datebook picked out?

Take a look back at my post of 2012 planners for more inspiration.

1 comment :

ebonyice said...

The Laurel Denise planner is just what I need for next year, thanks for the recommendation!


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