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It has been quite some time since I have updated you on the progress of our condo ... actually, we have not made too much more progress. Although we ordered this rug from Restoration Hardware back in early November, we still await its arrival {disappointingly its ETA of December 20th was moved to the 30th and now remains unknown!}. We also received our antique buffet which acts as our entry table, which I shared on Instagram when it came. Last week, our bed and our brown leather chair for the living room were delivered {finally, no more mattress on the floor!}. I will share more on those later.

An update on our nursery situation ... we don't plan to necessarily move before baby comes, so we are planning on all being cozy in our one bedroom. We will do a mini crib and then a shelving unit or dresser for baby stuff {all that baby crap - clothing, diapers, etc.}. So, alas, no nursery designing for me, which is in some ways sad {it would be fun}, but a relief in other ways {no need to add to the decor to-dos}. I did start a pin board, though, of course to pin ideas for an eventual baby nursery/room {as we will not stay in the one bedroom forever}. You can follow along with that here. You'll see a few items on there that I already have, like the motocycle print {mentioned above} and this print {which I bought specifically for baby but will wait til baby has a room in the future when we are in a 2 bedroom}.

Today, I thought I would share some ideas I have for how to outfit the condo with art! We already have our bicycle paintings by a Durango artist hung in their place, but I have been keeping my eye out for other pieces to fill the walls. No final decisions have been made but here are some ideas...

:: no. 1 :: We fell in love with this painting by Georg Dienz at Art Basel. However, with baby on the way, a $8000 painting (even a BIG painting) seems ridiculous. However, I have an idea on how to re-create the look of this painting using photoshop to edit a photo, then projecting the image onto a large canvas, using a projector, tracing the image onto a canvas, and then painting it in {kind of like what Design Mom did here}. So, we are looking for a photo that speaks to us and we may make our own piece of art. This would be a very large piece to hang above the sofa.

:: no. 2 :: Back in October I purchased this print of ink illustrated motorcycle. I want to hang it somewhere in our condo. I plan on putting it in a walnut fram with a white mat. I love this frame from West Elm and this one from Room + Board, but the tricky part is that the print is 11x17" and all the frames I am finding are 11x14". I may have to have it custom framed. But, to get the look I want, it would be worth it.

:: no. 3 :: I just came across Jimmy Marble's work via Blog a la Cart last week, and I love it - the simple hand-cut messages. I envision one of Jimmy Marble's designs {I like THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT, BE COOL BABY, and I FEEL GREAT} with the canvas cut on top of a back mat in a walnut frame. Again, this would probably be a custom job. And, I have to get John on board; I am not sure he saw my vision when I first showed him Marble's work last week.

Do you have any favorite artists that I should check out? I love the organic process of finding pieces that "speak to me" so I am in no rush to acquire art.

How do you outfit your home with art? Flea markets? Galleries?

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ebonyice said...

I want to paint you something!


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