pouf & furniture updates

I have mentioned poufs before; I am a big fan ... we decided we want to incorporate one into our living room. This is the specific pouf (by Cisco Brothers) that we are considering as an ottoman to go with our leather chair.

We have not even got so far as choosing the fabric yet. After our leather chair, that this ottoman will pair with arrived several shades lighter than the leather sample we originally received, we have since decided to go with a chestnutty brown leather for the chair instead. So, we will be selecting a fabric that pairs with not only the rest of the pieces in the room (the sofa seen here and the Rapson chair and walnut TV console shown here), but that also coordinates with a brown leather chair. The lighter brown on the far right is the color of brown we are talkin' about:
And, in other furniture updates, our coffee table and side table will be delivered on Friday so I wil share those in the coming weeks.

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