2012 holiday gift guide :: what it's about

And today begins my 2nd &chloe holiday gift guide!

My thoughts on gift giving:

I am not a fan of gifts given simply to fulfill a requirement that "you have to give a gift because it is a holiday". In fact in my family, we have started a tradition of not exchanging gifts except in the case of little ones. Going Christmas-giftless really simplifies things and allows me to focus on aspects of the holidays that are a bigger priority for me: spending quality time with people I love, enjoying downtime at home with the beautiful decorations, and focusing with a thankful heart on all that I have.

 All that said, I don't have anything against gifts. And, I do enjoy giving well-thought out gifts that genuinely reflect the gifter and giftee. So it is in that spirit that I put together the gift guide on my blog, which will include unique, special, eclectic, and curated items that make spectacular gifts.

about the &chloe gift guide:

Over the next two weeks (today through Dec. 14th) I will feature gift ideas which I hope will cover most of the VIPs in your life. I will post at least one gift idea a day, many days there will be more like two or three. All of the products I post have been chosen by me and are not sponsored.

Many of the items I am sharing are things I would be delighted to receive myself ... those will be marked with a little "yes, please" badge.

My gift guide will include items in all price ranges, but a large number of items will be steals at under $50 and they will be marked as such:

All of the gifts in my gift guide will be recapped in a Pinterest board that I will make available after all items have been revealed. You can read about my holiday gift giving philosophy here ... And, you can get more inspiration from last year's gift guide here

Happy holiday season! Don't get caught up in the needless holiday bustle, and instead savor what makes the holidays really matter. Enjoy the process, but don't be a slave to obligation. ENJOY!

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