holiday party :: menu

To finish up this week of holiday party planning, I have a holiday party menu.

I wanted to create an eclectic, varied menu of hearty, yet healthy foods ... here it is:

• hot chocolate 3 ways
• bruschetta 3 ways
• antipasta
• soup
• assorted Christmas cookies

here's the recipes...

hot chocolate
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate
Nutella Hot Chocolate

roasted tomato + ricotta bruschetta
prosciutto, mascarpone, + honeyed arugula bruschetta
goat cheese + blueberry compote bruschetta

various store-bought peppers and meats
marinated mozzarella + olives

Christmas Lima Bean Soup

assorted Christmas cookies
Elana's Pantry healthy/gluten-free Christmas cookie recipes
101 Cookbooks Christmas cookie recipes
Martha Stewart's assorted Christmas cookie recipes
Food Network Christmas cookie recipes

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