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I have many many many  recipes on my mind this Friday ... after last week's unhealthy-healthy kick, this week I find myself drawn to healthy comfort recipes. I am talking home-cooked beans (like in Mince & Types "a bowl of goodness"), a savory tart with dark greens and a potato crust, a caesar salad with kale (no romaine here!), some homemade blueberry jam (with a health punch of chia seeds), a hearty chicken soup, and some good-like-dessert-but-healthy for-breakfast baked oatmeal.

Yes, that is six (!!!) recipes to the usual four that I feature, but I just couldn't narrow it down to four!

:: a bowl of goodness  ::
:: swiss chard tart ::
:: kale caesar salad ::
:: blueberry chia seed jam ::
:: harvest chicken quinoa soup ::
:: baked oatmeal ::

We are in Denver this weekend enjoying the cool fall weather, visiting my Mom and Dad, catching up with some friends, and running a half marathon. I am hoping to have my Mom make one of these delicious, hearty, perfect-for-cool-fal-weather recipes for me. I enjoy cooking, but there is something especially comforting about your Mom cooking for you, would you agree?

Hope you have a great weekend!

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