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I must preface these recipes with a little note ... these recipes may not appear to be healthy (tacos, pizza, and bacon?), but I beg to differ and offer a little further insight into my personal food philosophy. As I touched on a while back, what I consider "good food" is what is good for my health and what will provide me with the clean fuel I need to go. Mostly, I think that is a diet dense in healthful veggies, some beans and legumes, some fruit, and some high-quality organic (no hormone, humanly raised) meat and chicken. My focus is on veggies, for sure, and I think many of my recipe on my mind posts, like this one, reflect that. However, good food also means just simply quality food in my opinion, so yes, tacos, pizza, and bacon can be good food. And sometimes we have cravings, and I think those cravings are our bodies saying, "hey, I need a little meat/bacon/cheese/bread/ {insert supposedly-evil food here}!".

Today's featured recipes are just that, a round up of some cravings I have been having recently. And yes, I could just go get a taco from Taco Bell or a pizza from Pizza Hut, but that is decidedly NOT good food. When made with high-quality, organic ingredients at home, however, suddenly tacos don't need to be a bad food and I am happy to indulge in a BLT. These recipes don't actually specifically call for organic, local, and or high-quality ingredients, but I plan to insert "organic" before each ingredient, as well as "local when possible".

:: ground beed (or bison) tacos ::
:: grilled veggie pizza ::
:: avocado BLT ::
:: shrimp nicoise salad ::

What have you been craving lately?

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