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{Georgia's Union - 1787 Purdy Ave. Miami Beach}
Eating healthy, clean, real, organic, whole, local food is really important to me. Many will extol the virtues of eating this way because of its benefit to the environment. That's true and that's great, but my primary concern is the benefits to me, my health, my body. I am not on the "eat local" bandwagon because it is trendy or good for the environment. I am on it for me.

So, my focus on good food is a big part of my life, how I shop for food, how I cook food, and where I eat out. I want to share my experiences here on my blog of eating good food. I feel I do with my recipes on my mind posts. In these posts my focus is on the recipes I want to make that fit in my definition of "good food". But, now that we are in a big city, I have all of these restaurants and markets to explore as well!

A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner at Georgia's Union, a self described "soul food kitchen". They serve up southern food with a hefty focus on organic and local ingredients. The food was amazing and the restaurant itself, well - the photos speak volumes - the atmosphere and branding were top notch, too.

We will definitely be visiting this joint again, and I cannot wait to take family and friends here when they visit from out of town.

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krissea said...

Love, connect with, and appreciate all of your food philosophies Chloe,and can't wait for pics of some of your vitamix creations .


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