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:: paleo fish tacos ::
:: lime & peanut cole slaw ::
:: kale market salad ::
:: roasted veggie & black bean burritos ::

During packing, traveling, moving, unpacking, etc. it was difficult to make homemade meals. We still ate healthy, no doubt about it. During our travels during the move I researched each city stop along the way so that for each stop we had options for healthy, good food. This included knowing where the Whole Foods was in each city so that we could go have a meal there at their hot or cold bar, and also so we could stock up on healthy snacks for in the car. Surprisingly, I also found many farm-to-table restaurants in various places; our favorite is still Prato, where we ate dinner in Winter Park, Florida.

Anyways, I digress ... so after all that packing, traveling, moving, etc. which involved a lot of eating out, even if it was healthy, I am anxious to make home cooked meals again! I have pinned all sorts of yummy looking recipes and I got this awesome new farm-to-table cookbook -  there are so many recipes I am just itching to make. The four recipes featured in today's post are at the top of a very long list of "recipes to make" - they seem fairly light for a delicious summer dinner ... perfect for eating out on a patio.

These recipes will have to wait until late next week, though, because...

This weekend, I am in one of my favorite places: Phoenix. I will arrive there this evening and I am staying for several days. I am very excited for the familiarity of one of my favorite places, which also involves seeing my favorite people.

What are you up to this weekend? What good, summer recipes are on your mind lately?

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