plastic is whack

You may have heard - plastic can be bad. Specifically for storing food (leftovers) in. In case you haven't heard, or in case you want a refresher, here is the run-down on why:

Plastics can leach chemicals into your food, including hormone disrupting chemicals. Certain plastics and old containers which tend to leach the most and worst chemicals. Also, don't cook or heat food in plastic as that increases leaching. This article talks about the exact plastics compounds that are harmful and why.

Well, I have to admit, although I knew plastics were not good, I have still be slow to transition away from using them. However, this past week, I finally and fully made the transition. I have chosen to use glass storage containers, but ceramic and stainless steel containers are safe too.

Here is why I choose as my food storage assortment which replaces any plastic containers or Tupperware I had:
I purchased the Crate & Barrel glass food storage options mentioned above for $35 and they officially replaced all my plastic. I already had the mason jars, a weck jar, and the Bormioli beverage jar.

I am interested, what do you use for food storage? Are you still stuck in plastic? Or have you switched to a healthier option?

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