"if" for girls

Have you ever come across J.P. McEnvoy's interpretation for girls of Rudyard Kipling's poem "If" for boys?

I came across both just recently and I immediately knew I wanted to make a whimsical print featuring the girls' version of the poem.

I laid out McEnvoy's "If" in beautiful type, emphasizing certain words within the poem by setting them apart in a script font. I paired the poem with a floral illustration I had in my back pocket, so to speak {it was just waiting for the right project to come along}.

I have made this print available in my Etsy shop as an 8x10" fine art print. It looks just lovely framed in a white gallery frame, don't you think?

And since you cannot tell from the photos, the poem reads:

"If you can hear the whispering about you,
And never yield to deal in whispers, too;
if you can bravely smile when loved ones doubt you,
And never doubt, in turn, what loved ones do;
If you can keep a sweet and gentle spirit
In spite of fame and fortune, rank or place,
And though you win your goal or only near it,
Can win with poise or lose with equal grace;
If you meet with unbelief, believing,
And hallow in your heart a simple creed,
If you can meet Deception, undeceiving.
And learn to look for God for all you need;
If you can be what girls should be to Mothers;
Chums in joy and comrades in distress,
And be unto others as you'd have the others
Be unto you-no more and yet no less;
If you can keep with in your heart the power,
To say that firm, unconquerable "NO";
if you can brave a present shadowed hours
Rather than yield to build a future woe;
If you can love, yet not let loving master,
But keep yourself within your own self's clasp,
And not let Dreaming lead you to disaster,
Nor pity's fascination loose your grasp;
If you can lock your heart on confidences,
Nor ever needlessly in turn confide;
If you can put behind you all pretenses
of mock, humility or foolish pride;
If you can keep the simple, homely virtue
of walking right with God- then have no fear
That anything in all the world can hurt you-
And which is more- you'll be a woman, dear."

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