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I feel a little more adventurous with my wardrobe now that I am in Miami.

Is it Miami? Is it that I feel like I can dress like a new me? Is it the palm trees?

I am not sure what it is, but it inspired me to embrace the bright, candy-colored skinny denim trend and I am hooked.

I am loving my skinny Joe's Jeans in Nectar ... they are a part of Joe's line of 55 colors (yes, 55 different colors of skinny jeans). I got mine from Revolve. This week, I wore my pink jeans with a light cotton embroidered top I got from the GAP. I rarely find stuff I love at the GAP, but on a recent perusal of the store I found this little top and I picked up a pair of light turquoise skinny ankle jeans (I had been wanting some mint green skinnies to add to my newly started colored jean collection). These GAP jeans are more turquoise than light mint green, so I still may invest in a mint green pair, too. Would that be overkill? I am going with "no".

I rounded out this simple, fresh outfit with my gold Sam Edelman Gigi T-Strap sandals and my friendship bracelet. I am not big on tons of accessories, so my shiny sandals and friendship bracelet were just enough.

Are you wearing any colored jeans this summer? If so, what color?


JL Candelaria said...

LOVE the outfit!!! I do think your sandals & bracelet are just perfect in the bling department as well! Love your porch too. You obviously know how much I approve of your turquoise skinnies and the mint is definitely different. Most certainly not overkill; they are both just too beautiful.

I'm thrilled that you are embracing your new adventure and that it is influencing your wardrobe choices!!

No colored skinnies for me, although you sure make me want some! It's looking like my babysitting money may be spent on comparable colors of silk this summer ;), so maybe next!

krissea said...

Love the jeans Chloe. And I don't know what it is about FL - but every time I'm there I feel extra-adventurous with my wardrobe. I always end up coming home to Durango with high heels I'll never wear again (well, that is, until I'm back in Florida!)

Amy Parker Anderson (Parker Etc) said...

Love the SE sandals! Great summer choice!

So glad you'll be joining us for Blog Brunch on Saturday. Very much looking forward to having you!


chloe marty said...

yes, the SE sandals are some of my fave for summer! I am looking forward to Blog Bruch, Amy!


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