dispatch from where I live :: 2

Just wanted to give those who are interested an update on the goings-on here. As I mentioned last week, I will be peppering these dispatches into the usual features here on the blog. 

Our first full week in Florida! That's a milestone of some kind, right?

We have found some great running routes ... some take us on tree-lined streets with beautiful old homes, and one takes us by the ocean and marina and to a little island. The heat and humidity is taking some getting used to; even when we leave super early for a run, it is  hot and humid. We did meet an interesting fella on our run, however ... a little crab was right downtown in Coconut Grove. I think he must have been a little lost, but he sure did startle me when he ran across the sidewalk!

The road that takes us out of our neighborhood is beautiful and tree-covered. It is the old, original highway and is now a shady, two-lane road.

We drove up to visit John's Grandma for the day on Saturday. She lives just south and west of Palm Beach. We went to West Palm Beach to walk around an outdoor shopping area. It was hot, but we all (including Mocha) enjoyed the walk, and I was pleased to browse around Anthropologie (that is a photo of big paper flowers in Anthro's window).

We got our first two Florida road rides in, and they were pretty darn cool. The first ride we did (on Saturday morning) went something like this. Sunday morning we rode out to Key Biscayne and into the national park there (Bill Baggs Florida State Park). I was almost eaten alive my mosquitos while trying to take a photo of the lighthouse. I should have known, the mosquito index was 3 mosquitos on a scale of 1 to 3.

On Sunday afternoon, we took a walk around our neighborhood (Coconut Grove). And after an interesting sequence of events where I was mistaken for being a celebrity and then had a bird poop on my head, we visited The Barnacle, a state park featuring a home built in 1891 among other things. This park is literally right across the street from our building.

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JL Candelaria said...

heeheehehe, I'm loving this :). Thanks for sharing the paper flowers too, that is very fun... I can look forward to browsing there myself!


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